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Latest News, Miracles

The following is a list with only a fraction of the miracles that people have witnessed in Agios Nektarios church in Battersea in London SW11 5QR. We attribute the below miracles to Agia Mavra as it is Her who the people parayed to primarily, but in a few cases we dont know if there were other saints, like Saint Nectarios or our Holly Mother that were involved as the faithfull may have prayed to them as well.

The list of this miracles from Agia Mavra, is only a small fraction and only the ones since January 2013 and is only intended to offer awareness of Her Love for the faithful that are in need.Having recently (Feb 2014), visited the grand church of Agia Mavra in Hlioupolis in Athens,(with a dedicated website we have also heared of many miracles and help that the Saint is granting to faithful.We thank all the priest there, including Father Charalampos Georgantas for the icons and gifts he gave for the faithfull in London.

We understand that the first small icon of Agia Mavra was brought into the church of Agios Nektarios in 2001 by Mr Nikos when he heared from his mother that he owes his life to Agia Mavra. Then a faithful lady from Cyprus who received Her help ordered the current icon and Mr Nikos created the stand. Mr Nikos who is now in his seventies owes his life to Agia Mavra. Because when he was a baby he had meningitis and his godmother was taking him as a baby to Agia Mavras church.On the way she fell on the water from Agiasma (Her Holly water) and he became well.Some of the miracles are more impressive than others. Our Lord only knows and decides that, frequently depending on the faith as well as what beneficial for each person.

The writer was not present in any of these miracles but has seen many other miracles from saints of our Lord from the Holly Mother and the Archangels and has no reason to doubt the Divine intervention. As just an unworthy faithful he could not have known if in any of these cases there was also help from Agios Nektarios himself, from the Holly Mother or our Lord but he believes that Agia Mavra wants to help people. The church of Agios Nektarios in the suburb of Battersea in London, not only has relics of Agios Nektarios, who is one of the most famous for his recent miracles saint, but is blessed the icon of Agia Mavra that has performed many miracles as well as the icon of the "Ready Listener Mother of God" (copy of the one that is in Holly Docheiariou Monastery in Mount Athos). Everyone will be helped, according to what the Divine Wisdom thinks is appropriate for the salvation of his should and his or hers spiritual benefit. The writer apologises beforehand for any inaccuracies and encourages people to email him with corrections or contacts, particularly if they feel scandalised by these readings.

1- A Russian gentleman who had kidney problems came over to Agios Nektarios church, touched Agia Mavras icon and became well and then a few months later in October 2013 his wife, who had problems and pains from broken knees, came and venerated Saint Mavra and she also got immediately substantial relief from her pains and she kneeled cried and thanked Agia Mavra.

2- A Romanian young man with mobility problems in his leg come to Agios Nektarios church in January 2013 together with about 8 friends of his, he had told them about Agia Mavra and they all went and venerated Her icon. When he went and kissed Her icon he started trembling and started shouting. He had mobility problems in his legs and during this session of shouting all his friends where speechless and in shock. After this incident he came back the following Tuesday and he had miraculously been healed. After that he ordered 500 wooden icons of Agia Mavra in Romania from a monastery, where the nun responsible was also called Mavra. We understand that these icons are given to the faithful for free.

3- In the beginning of April 2013 a family came to pray. It was the mother, father and their son on a wheelchair. They venerated the icon of Agia Mavra and they promised on the date that her memory is comemmorated (3rd of May each year) that they will go to Cyprus (between Kylani and Pera Paidi there is a dedicated church). When they did the child was substantially healed. He didn't need a wheelchair, just a walking assistant.

4- A Russian mother had heard about Agios Nektarios and came to the church with her baby that needed therapy. She praied to Saint Nektarios and to Agia Mavra and the baby got much better. After that another 5 Russian babies came to the church that had similar problems. They brought many flowers to the church.

5- A grandmother had a child with cancer for 10 years and after putting Agia Mavra's candle oil the child became well in a week.

6- Various people come praying to find work and many of them, shorty after their requests to Agia Mavra find work.

7- Once a faithful couple went to a famous Monastery Taxiarxis Madamados, devoted to Archangel Michael to thank for a miracle that happened. They decided to donate a special box to keep relics of Saints and put an inscription of thanking Agia Paraskevi and The Holly Mother. The wife told the husband to go ahead, forgetting Agia Mavra's miraculous contribution and immediatelly the calm weather became stormy!. The wife realised her negligence, apologised and asked Agia Mavra for forgiveness and promised to include Agia Mavra on the inscription. Immediately the stormy weather calmed down!.

8- A Russian Gentleman was suffering from his back. Having heard about the miracles he went to the icon prayed and immediately was relieved and cured. Ever since he has been coming with his family, from the UK and Moscow, to venerate Agia Mavra.

9- A Russian lady had a baby that was sick and doctors said there should be a surgery. She prayed to Agia Mavra, and Agia Mavra revealed to her through a faithful person that she should postpone the operation as she would do more harm than good.She went to the hospital a few days later and doctors told her the baby was cured and didn't need operation any more.

10- A Cypriot gentleman was told by the doctors in the UK his heart condition was very bad but there was no room for operation. He went to Agia Mavras church in Cyprus to pray. Shortly after he prayed and venerated her icon, he colapsed and was rushed to a Cypriot hospital. He was operated immediately, got an artificial valve and he has been healthy ever since.Agia Mavra later on also healed his daugther's hand that was almost paralysed, after she visited Agia Mavra's icon in St Nectarios church in London.

11- A Romanian young lady had problems with her leg for six months (September 2013 to March 2014). In March 2014 she had an operation but recovery was slow and doubtful. Having heard the miracles that happen in Saint Nectarios church, she prayed to Agia Mavra and recovery was very fast and complete.

12- During August 2014, Mr Alexandros, one of the gentlemen that is regularly helping the church had a minor heart attack. His circulation was bad and his body was freezing and having little mobility when he asked Agia Mavra for help. Himself and another gentleman prayed to Her, and his heart attack passed an his body became warm again without any medical treatment.

13- During August 2014, a lady from Limmasol Cyprus, niece of a gentleman we mentioned above, made all the arrangements to have a critical operation in her internal organs in September 2014. Having venerated Agia Mavra in Cyprus, she and other faithful prayed to Agia Mavra to help. Shortly after, when she went to the doctors for exams ahead of her critical operation, she was told she no longer had to have an operation! That was such a big miracle that some of the people close to her couldnt believe and asked other doctors to verify...

14- On the eve of the feast of Saint Nektarios (9 November) a lady gave us a note reading: " Agia Mavra and Agios Nektarios cured me of cancer, Helen"

15- Another lady, again on the eve of the feast of Saint Nektarios (9 November) gave us a note reading: " Agia Mavra and Agios Nektarios revealed everything I asked for, Kyriaki"

16- In November 2014, a young lady came to venerate and thank Agia Mavra because she couldnt conceive a child for a long time, but when she visited Agia Mavras icon and prayed she did!

17- In the beginning of 2015 a Russian gentleman got infected with the Ebola virus. Some faithful parishioners told him about Agia Mavra and they send him an Icon of Agia Mavra and oil from her candle and within a few days the deadly virus weakened and he became well.Then he sent back two rings to thank Agia Mavra."

18- In February 2015, a Slavonic speaking lady who had not been walking properly without a stick for 3 months visited Agia Mavra, prayed and within 3 days she threw away the stick and happy walked as if she had nothing"

19- In February 2015, two Russian ladies visited Agia Mavras icon in St. Nectarios Church. One of them had various problems in her lower leg. She had recently had an operation and althrough she started to become better, she had two of toes crossing each other and was going to undergo another operation to rectify this. After going to Agia Mavra with her friend and praying to her, her toes within a couple of days became well! When she came back to thank Agia Mavra and our Lord for the power of His Saints as she approached her Icon, the ring she was wearing was split in two! The ring is there...close to the icon. "

20- In early 2015, a Romanian lady prayed to Agia Mavra to help her four boy. Her son had a big burn on the forehead that was not going away. Within a few days of visiting and praying to Agia Mavra hs forehead was cleared.

21- A Cypriot lady had a problem with a mole on her face. The doctors could not help but within a few days of praying to Agia Mavra in Saint Nectarios church he problem disappeared!

22- In April 2015, a Romanian parishioner brough a Greek person suffering from his leg, having had surgeries and in pain to St Nectarios church. They asked Father Chrysostomos to make a small paraclesi service to Agia Mavra. They all stood in front of the icon and within a short while the pain disappered!.

23- Another Cypriot lady in April 2015 having had 7 operations on her leg went to the icon in pain, prayed and the pain left her so she was not going to have another.

24- On the 3rd of May 2015, Agia Mavra's Feast Day we received the following testament of miracles: My mother in law, Pantelitsa had a nervous breakdown in 1971 in Grimsby, UK when she was 36 years old. She was admitted into hospital for electric shock treatment, of which she had two treatments. When she was about to have her third treatment, lying on the hospital bed with electric wires fastened to her shaven head, Ayia Mavra came to her bed side and told her three times to get up from the bed and not have this third electric shock treatment. She obeyed and walked out of the hospital. She recovered enough to lead a stable life. About 15 years later her daughter took her for a brain scan in Larnaca, Cyprus. The doctor called her daughter to his office, and asked if she had had any electro treatment on the past, he mentioned to her that if she had had the third treatment she would have died. Throughout the years Pantelitsa always spoke about a black saint who had come to her at her darkest hours, and when she went to the church of Ayia Mavra in Pera Pedi, Cyprus she screamed 'it's her, it's her' and cried with relief. Also in 1992, when she was in hospital undergoing a kidney transplant, Ayia Mavra came to her again, and told her that she would be alright. This gave her much strength to deal with her other illnesses that were to come. Unfortunately Pantelitsa passed away in January 2000, but her granddaughter, also named Pantelitsa who was young when her grandmother passed and did not know of these stories, had a dream where she was told to visit a church. She woke up and described the church that she had seen in her dream, we immediately knew which one it was (we had been before with my mother in law), and took young Pantelitsa who immediately recognized this church from her dream. Thank you Agia Mavra for all you have done for our family.

25- In the beginning of August 2015, a parishioner, Mr Christou gave us a note that read "Held my hand on the Icon of Agia Mavra for one and a half minutes. The next day the arthritic pains in both my wrists had gone.!"

26- Daniel, an eight year old Romanian boy, in July 2015 was going to have an operation as it was sick. After visiting the church of Agios Nektarios and praying to both Agia Mavra and Agios Nektarios he didn't need to have the operation any more."

27- Stoika, a ninety year old Romanian gentleman, suffering from his prostate, was ready to have an operation. He kept praying to Agia Mavra and putting oil from her candle and became well, stopped feeling pain, and didn't need to have an operation.

28- A young Greek lady, couldn't find work and after praying to Agia Mavra on her icon found work only after a few days,

29- In September 2015 a Romanian lady with pain in the neck touched the icon of Agia Mavra and felt a force like electricity and became well.

30- In September 2015 just after a service for the commemoration of the dead a Cypriot lady felt realy unwell and faited. After Mr Nikos took the icon of Agia Mavra and gave it to her to touch she instantaneously becam well started shouting to Mr Nikos what happened! what did he do?!.

31- In November 2015 when Mr Nikos from the church went to Larnaka, he stopped on a place just outside Larnaka, only for a lady to come forward on her own and tell him how grateful she was to Agia Mavra. Some years ago her foot was balck, she couldnt feel it and doctors were not optimistic, but she visited Agias Mavra's church in Cyprus, prayed to her and became quickly well.

32- In the fall of 2015, a Romanian family brought their ill baby to the church to have communion and read prayers as it was very sick and doctors were not hopefull. They prayed to Agios Nektarios and Agia Mavra and the baby became very quickly well.

33- In October 2015 a Romanian young lady came to the church with her arm in bad condition. It was painful and couldnt move it at all. She prayed to Agia Mavra and after a few days she came back to thank as she had already regained more than half of the normal mobility!

34- Just after Christmas 2015, after an small accident that happened on one of the Church steering committee members, withe the help of Mavra, the person that was injured stopped feeling pain within a few minutes!

35- Right after new years day in 2016, Mr Christakis who helps chanting, told Mr Nikos that his wife that had serious mobility problems was miraculously substantially helped by Agia Mavra and she can now walk!

36- In early 2016 we were told of a Swedish gentleman who had cancer that was cured by Agia Mavra!

37- In February 2016 again, after sending an icon of Agia Mavra to Georgia to a man who was badly injured after a serious car accident, we were told that Agia Mavra miraculously, against all doctors expectations, made him walk again!

38- In March 2016 a Romanian lady told us she prayed to Agia Mavra because she had breast cancer and was about to go for an operation. She was miraculously cured and didnt need to have an operation!

39- In September 2015 a man had a serious motorbike accident. had been walking with a stick as he had serious injury on his right knee. In January 2016 visited St Nekarios church and prayed to St Nektarios and Agia Mavra. He decided to have a surgery two weeks after and in his words " Saint Nektarios and Saint Mavra have done a true miracle Amen. " He could walk perfectly without stick etc...!

40- Copying the words of a man: "I had a surgery on the 26.02.2016 for pre-cancer on the cervix. I would like to say that I didn't feel anything, no pain after the surgery!. to go for an operation. ...Thank you St Nektarios and St Mavra for all the help!

41- A Swiss gentleman named Franz, told us that he was diagnosed with cancer. After praying to St Mavra on teh 26.01.2016 he felt better..He is fine now and he doesnt need to go to a hospital and have an operation!

42- On the 5th of April we received a note from a Romanian lady. It read that her uncle was depressed and ill for 15 years. After he got Agia Mavras icon he started to to get better,His mood is great, he started eating and sleeping.!

43- In April 2016 there was yet another car crash miracle.The cousin of the same faithful lady couldnt walk as a result of the crash and after praying to Agia Mavra he now can .!

44- In early April 2016, while Mr Nikos was in Cyprus he told us that on the way to Larnaka he stopped in a fastfood restaurant to meet to elderly ladies accompanying a younger one of 40 or so years of age. The younger one, after a stroke was unable to speak and after hearing the miracles Agia Mavra was making asked to touch an icon of Agia Mavra and pray. Mr Nikos brough them ne and they touched it and prayed. The next day the ladies called Mr Nikos and informed him that she was now able to speak!

45- We were recently informed of another miracle of Agia Mavra in Russia in 2013. During the Orthodox Easter service in one church in Russia and old icon fell down and hit a fire extinguisher. As a result, the church was covered in foam. Prior to this no one even knew who was on this icon as it was old and dark from the age. After this miracle, they researched and realised it was Agia Mavra and they decided to place it in a central place. Parishioners also made a large print of Agia Mavra for the iconostasis. Since that moment the church, who only had 5-10 parishioners, became packed with faithful coming from the nearby town of Mozhaysk. The church has since been redecorated and is flourishing. its website is

46- On the Feast day of Agia Mavra with the modern calendar (3rd of May) it was raining in Limassol (only there).We have many stories of miracles related to Agia Mavra revealing her self in miracles through waters and we know people that are convinced that it was Agia Mavra that helped Cyprus when there was a huge shortage of water about ten years ago. .!

47- In July 2016 we were told of another immpressive miracle. A young Russian asked Mr Nikos directions for Saint Mavras church in Cyprus. He went there on a day trip and prayed for a young man left paralysed for 16 years now following a car accident, and for a four year old girld that had health problems. By the time he returned from his trip they told him the girl was much better and the paralysed man had lifted him self up. Another great miracle of Agia Mavra, our beloved Martyr in Christ!

48- Another Romanian, Ticou had an accident and fractured his ribs. That was very painfull and the pains never went away. He went and prayed to Agia Mavra and the pains stopped immediatelly. Aware of the miracle, henowbrings more people to the church for healing.

49- A 9 year old Romanian boy had a hole in the heart and a lot of health problems. In early September 2016, we were told his health dramatically improved after his prayers to Agia Mavra.

50- In early September 2016, a miracle happened in Cyprus. An elderly gentleman went to the church of Agia MAvra shaking a lot. His hands and arms were shaking constantly, not sure from what. Mr Nikos saw him and asked him to go and touch the icon of Agia Mavra and pray for 3 minutes. Mr Nikos left him there and a few minutes later he hear him shouting: "Niko a miracle, I am shaking no more".

51- In late September 2016, a lady from Giorgia advised us that due to Agia Mavra she was cured from cancer. While she had cancer and was undergoing treatement she went to the church and prayed to Agia Mavra and after that she was told by the doctors she had no reason to undergo any more treatment!".

52- After the miracle above, the cured lady from Giorgia, told this to another lady that was in the hospital in Georgia, undergoing therapy for Meningitis. The therapy was supposed to last more that 6 months. While in therapy, they sent her an icon of Agia Mavra, and after she prayed to Agia Mavra, was dismissed from the clinic within two days of receiving the icon.

53- In September 2016, Valeria told us that she had broken her collar bone and was hurting a lot for a few weeks. She went to Agia Mavras Icon and prayed and miraculously the pain stopped shortly after.

54- In October 2016, Gabriel, a young man from Greece told us that he was very sick in bed for a few days, when his wife brought him oil from Agia Mavras candle. One he crossed himself with the oil and prayed, he was completely fine in less than a day.

55- In November 2016, Marc who introduced himself as an undertaker gave us a note which read that he was sick and after touching the icon of Agia Mavra and praying to her he became well.

56- In January 2017, a Romanian lady in her mid thirties came to Mr Nicos with pain the back. After pray and touching the icon she felt heat in her back as if a force was healing her!.

57- In January 2017, the mother of a lady we described earlier that had been healed in her hand, also thanked Agia Mavra for making her back well !.

58- The editor learned of a miracle that took place a long time ago and felt it was appropriate to mention. In the Church of the Virgin Mary in Camberwell (South London) there were in the 1970's two priests that were originally from the village of Anarotia, which is about 10 miles from Larnaka. There is a cave of Agia Mavra that has cured many faithfull, with waters coming from Stavrovouni. During the Turkish invasion in 1974 the Greek army that went there, not realising the sacred place, did something that stopped these waters and had as a result the soldiers to see a lady in black moving around the area like a ghost. ( was Agia Mavra) eventually they realised what had happened and they made a church and Agia Mavra stopped wondering there in the night! At the same times the parish in Camberwell made an icon of Agia Mavra on the temple to commemorate Her presence (the temple that is to the right of the main one) .

59- We are very please to announce that from September 2020 there are holly relics of Agia Mavra and Agios Timotheos in the Church of Agios Nektarios in Battersea. They are in a silver encasement right next to the relics of Agios Nektarios. Glory to Thee o God, Glory to Thee!